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China Shantui SL50wn 5ton Weichai Engine Wheel Loader

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China Shantui SL50wn 5ton Weichai Engine Wheel Loader
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Detail Produk China Shantui SL50wn 5ton Weichai Engine Wheel Loader

This series is Shantui’s best-selling wheel loader. It offers tremendous stability and has pilot controls designed for reduced work intensity and increased safety and comfort for the operator. It has an advanced Z-type reverse tipping mechanism with large breakout force and high efficiency. It also has the latest in dual pump (combined)technology to improve fuel savings and work efficiency.

Technical Features

Efficient and powerful performance 

(1)New generation Blue Engine II energy-saving engine can save the fuel by >10%.

(2) Shantui’s original twin-turbine torque converter, planetary transmission, and drive axle feature good power matching, high drive efficiency, strong overload capacity, high quality, and long life.

(3)The working device is design optimized to promote the lifting force of whole machine by 7%.

(4)The working hydraulic system is design optimized to reduce the total cycle time by 7.5% to 10.6s.

More reliable electric system

New digitalized instruments, high quality electric units, and upgraded and optimized harnesses

(1)The stepping motor type combination dashboard is adopted, of which the most outstanding characteristic is the modular functions.

(2)New dashboard features the instrument malfunction self-examination and system malfunction alarm functions.

(3)The wire diameters, orientations, and the lengths of the loader harnesses and the fixing mode of the frame are adjusted.

More scientific arrangement

(1)The structural arrangement of the whole machine is optimized to achieve more reasonable axle load distribution, with the fuel tank arranged on the rear.

(2)The new ladder design makes more convenient and safer to get on and off the machine.

More driving comfort 

The low speed engine, new cab, and added sound insulation material for the engine hood reduce the noise to 85dB.

More convenient maintenances

The integral engine hood, the increased opening space for uplifting side doors, and the outgoing hinge lubricating pipelines make the repairs and maintenances easier.

Multiple working devices

Multiple working devices, including timber grab, bale grab, coal bucket, side dumping bucket, and quartering hammer, are at your choice to adapt to different working conditions.

Performance Parameters

Length × width × height(mm) 8005×3026×3410 Engine model Weichai   WD10G220E23
Rated power/speed(kW/rpm) 162/2000 Operating   weight(kg) 17100
Wheelbase(mm) 3250 Operating   weight(t) 5
Standard bucket   capacity(m3) 3 Dumping reach(mm) Standard boom:1230
Extended boom:1230
Long boom:1270
Dumping height(mm) Standard boom:3200
Extended boom:3330
Long boom:3700

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