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Foton Lovol Wheel Loader FL936F-II (3 ton)

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Foton Lovol Wheel Loader FL936F-II (3 ton)
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Detail Produk Foton Lovol Wheel Loader FL936F-II (3 ton)

Introduction of complete machine and product’s working condition:

LOVOL FL936F-II is a long wheelbase 3T wheel loader. This model is Mainly used for construction sites, road construction, mining and stations.  Good for variety of working conditions : ore, sand and gravel, coal, earth, etc., Can be equipped with grass or wood grapper to meet  special working.

Main sales territory:
In Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, Asia Pacific, Russian regions.

Matching auxiliary tools: 
Various optional attachments including Coal Bucket, Quick Coupling Bucket, Pallet Fork, Log Grabber, Grass Grabber and etc.

Standard arm Long arm Ultra
General Purpose Bucket 1.8m³ General Purpose Bucket 2.0m³ General Purpose Bucket
Rock Bucket
Coal Bucket
Side Dump Bucket
Quick Coupling Bucket
Parallel fork Grass Grapple 2300mm Log grapple 1633m Snow Blade General Purpose Bucket 1.8m³ Coal bucket
Large Bucket 3m³
Foton Lovol Wheel Loader FL936F-II (3 ton)
Selling Points of FL936F-II:
1. WEICHAI-DEUTZ WP6G125E22 engine, advanced technology ,excellent durability ,powerful efficiency. Yuchai YC6B125-T20 and DCEC 6BT5.9-C130 engines are optional.
2. Shantui torque convertor and excellent Hangchi power shift transmission, adopted to the simple structure and reliable quality;Dry-brake axle is manufactured by FOTON LOVOL with excellent performance
3.  UGNX, CAE and other development tools are used for the design of the product to conduct virtual verification. All products have passed the reliability test and adaptability verification.
4. Optional safety cab, which passed FOPS&ROPS test, guarantees the safety of operator.
5. 24°taper seal accompanied by O-ring face seal provides durable leak-free connection.
6. The unique structure of the radiator, can meet the operation under ambient temperature 50 ºC
7. Water-proof plug connector improves reliability of electrics.
8. The radiator utilizes two-layer layout to allow better air flow. The adaptation to high working condition is improved, allowing normal work under 45ºC. Side opening hood with gas spring makes daily checking easier. 130% enhanced strength is realized by skeletal structure.

Main Features

1.  The multi-stage fuel filter ensures the cleanliness of the engine system.

2.  The new reinforced frame and patented composite hinge structure have been fully verified millions of impact fatigue experiment.

3.  The shaft sleeve adopts 20CrMnTi honeycomb shaft sleeve, and the inner surface adopts patented spraying process, and has self-lubrication function and long service life.

4.  The engine is perfectly matched with the efficient drive system and hydraulic system to improve production efficiency.

5.  Standardly equipped with 2.0 m³ bucket, the spading efficiency is higher. And the baffle plate on bucket prevent material from spilling.

Technical parameters

Main paramater
Operating mass(kg) 10250
Bucket capacity 2.0
Rated load(kg) 3000
Traction(kN) 101
Digging force(kN) 98
Gradeability 30
Unloading height(mm) 2935
Unloading distance(mm) 1100
Min. ground diatance(mm) 340
Wheel tread(mm) 1850
Wheelbase(mm) 2880
Bucket outer turning radius(mm) 5990
Outline distance(mm) 7170*2420*3200
Model Weichai WP6G125E22
Max. torque(N·m) 500
Rated power(kW) 92
Rated rotational speed(rpm) 2200
Running system
Gearbox shift Front:4 gears Rear:2 gears
Max. speed 39
Type 17.5-25
Ply rating 12
Steering angle 38
Operating model Mechanically control
Sum of three items(s) 9.2
Fuel tank(L) 170
Hydraulic oil tank(L) 120

Product specifications

Supporting Equipment Standard bucket, stone bucket, quickchange bucket, quick change bottom fork, wooden fork, grass fork, fork; cold start device can be optionally equipped to deal with the cold circumstance

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Ditambahkan pada: 20 April 2020
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