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XCMG Motor Grader Gr2403

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XCMG Motor Grader Gr2403
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Product Information

  • Energy saving and noise reduction : adopt low speed engine transmission line, low fuel consumption and energy saving and environmental protection; the transmission system is equipped with low speed ratio, and the average fuel consumption is reduced by about 8%. Three levels of engine, cab and seat vibration reduction; The cab is supported by six points; Deceleration of engine, cooling fan with large diameter, sound absorption sponge inside the hood, good sealing of the cab reduces noise of the whole machine.
  • Strong power : Shangchai efficient China stage III engine and hydraulic torque converter, the optimal torque converter achieves the best matching of torque converter and engine, reducing the start time, increase the work of tread tires, the adhesion can be increased by 10% in loosing soil and leveling, further enhance the power output.
  • Rotation with load : improve the pressure of hydraulic system, the rotary force of the blade, the high frequency quenching treatment improves the wear resistance and life span, and realize the rotation operation.
  • Efficient operation: improves the displacement of hydraulic pump and hydraulic motor, increase the oil cylinder speed by 20%, realizes the industry leading work efficiency, the optimized blade shape can turn and remove the soil quickly and efficiently, and realize optimal load distribution and the minimum material accumulation within the rotary disc area.
  • The XCMG GR Series Motor Graders are mainly used in ground leveling ,canalling , slope scraping ,earthmoving ,scarification or snow removal work on road, airfield ,farmland ,and so on .They are necessary construction machines for national defense engineering ,mine construction, town and country roads building ,and farmland improvement..
  • Performance and characteristic
  • New appearance design.
  • The articulation frame is adopted and matched with the steering of the front wheel, With small turning radius,maneuvering and flexible.
  • The electro-hydraulic controls the power shift gearbox,with 6ahead gears and 3 back gears.
  • The international matching hydraulic parts are adopted,with reliable operation.
  • The motions of the blade are fully hydraulically controlled.
  • The rear axle is the three-section driving axle which is provided with the NO-SPIN self-locking differential mechanism.
  • The manipulation table and seats are adjustable. The arrangement of the manipulation handle and instruments are reasonable,with convenient application,and the comfort of driving is improved .
  • The cab is grand and nice,with wide eyeshot and good sealing .
  • The front bulldozing plate, rear scarification device,front scarification harrow and automatic leveling device can be added .
Basic specification
Engine model 6BT5.9
Rated power/speed 100/2200kw/rpm
Dimension(LxWxH) 8015×2380×3050mm
Operating weight(Standard) 11200kg
Performance specification
Travelling speed ,forward 5,8,13,20,30,42km/h
Travelling speed ,reverse 5,13,30km/h
Tractive force(f=0.75) 61.3KN
Max. grade ability 30%
Tire inflation pressure 300kPa
Working hydraulic pressure 16MPa
Transmission pressure 1.3~1.8MPa
Operating specification
Max. steering angle of front wheels ±49°
Max. lean angle of front wheels ±17°
Max. oscillation angle of front axle ±15°
Max. oscillation angle of balance box 16
Frame articulation angle ±27°
Min. turning radius using articulation 6.6m
Maximum lift above ground 410mm
Maximum depth of cutting 515mm
Maximum blade position angle 90°
Blade cutting angle 54°-90°
Circle reversing rotation 360°
Moldboard width X height 3710×610mm

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