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XCMG Backhoe Loader WZ30-25
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Detail Produk XCMG Backhoe Loader WZ30-25

The WZ30-25 is a new multi-function engineering machine which gathering the loading and excavating in the integral whole machine. It is the new generation model of the development based on the same kind product technique in domestic and international.

Having adopted four wheel drive, hydraulic torque conberter, hydraulic streering system, hydrulic. It is extensively used in the roadmaintenance, farml and developments, getting clay for making brckiln, piping builds, the cable builds, park virescence and the excavating of the road opens to dig, broking upetc. This machine has below characteristics:

1.The Yuchai engine: low noise, low exhaust gas, low west, green environmental protection, driving motive, good reliability.

2.The spirit valve control take type brake system and parking brake system move two unite as one, when there is trouble in the gas brake system, it can make intime brake automatically,so it is more safety. Humanization designs: the hand handle layout reasonable, manipulating is portable;steer device, gauge dish and the chair all can be adjusted in up-down and front-back directions according to your sense, so it is comfortable.

3.The back wheel bridge can swing up and down round the cancer, it make wheels has well cling, so the machine has good span and cross capability, optimized load work device: reasonable joint layout, dependable position linit function, lavelling bucket automatically in unload position, lacenning optimized load work device: reasonable joint layout,dependable position limit function.

3.Lavelling bucket automati-cally in unload position, lacenning labor intensity,and the work range is larger, workfore is more study and steady, the work efficiency is higher.

4.Special middle placed backhoe and wing-spread support leg.

5.When the machine break up stones and do deeper dig work, it has stronger stability than other kind backhoe, of the craft brother the machine take the lead in using hydraulic scale forerunner valve control, manipulating is portable and orientation is exact, it may do multipul, work efficiency is high, plush and unitary cab is designed according ro person-machine’s principle, widen view, sealed and quiver damped, air-condition is choice, comfor-able and safety operation enbirconment.

6.Ten various machine attachment maybe choice to use,eg:hyraulic break up hammer, quiver rammer four, unit as one bucket tongs etc. The function is more comprehensive.XCMG Backhoe Loader Wz30-25 with High Quality for Sale

Description Unit Parameter value
Bucket capacity(heaped) 1
Digger capacity 0.3
Dumping clearance mm 2650
Dumping reach mm 930
Max.steering angle ° ±35
Max.steering angle of dig working device ° ±85
Traceing speed I / II / III / IV km/h 0-6.2 / 0-12 / 0-20 / 0-30
Back I / II speed km/h 0-8 / 0-28.5
Diesel Model YC4A110-T310/YC41390-T20
Modality 4-stroke water-cooled inline type/4-stroke water-cooled inline type
Rated power kW 73.5 (Turbocharged)/65
Rated speed r/min 2200
Wheel base mm 2600
Tread mm 1700
Tires 16/70-24
Max.digging depth mm 4400
Max.digging radium mm 5471
Overall dimensions(L×W×H) mm 8000×2310×3424
Operating weight kg 9500


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