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Wirtgen WR 240 Cold Recycler Machines and soil stabilizers

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Wirtgen WR 240 Cold Recycler Machines and soil stabilizers
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Detail Produk Wirtgen WR 240 Cold Recycler Machines and soil stabilizers

The WR240 is the proverbial all rounder in the wirtgen fleet. as a result of its large working width and depth and unrivalled milling and mixing performance, this machine provides maximum flexibility for any types of soil stabilization or cold recycling job.

The all-rounder for highest levels of flexibility

  • The all-rounder of the WR series provides a wide range of applications.
  • With a working width of 2.40 m and a maximum working depth of 510 mm, the recycler is highly flexible when it comes to operations in soil stabilising and cold recycling.
  • Thanks to its high performance levels in milling and mixing and its variable mixing chamber, consistent and homogeneous mixing results can be achieved.
  • When it comes to soil stabilising, the ideal performance range is between 4,000 and 8,000 square metres a day.
  • For cold recycling, the ideal performance range is between 500 and 1,000 square metres per hour and 15 to 20 cm of asphalt thickness.

The modern cold recyclers and soil stabilisers – here’s how they work.

Soil stabilisation scores top marks in comparison to soil exchange as it requires fewer truck transports, results in shorter construction times, saves resources and reduces CO2 emissions. When operating as a soil stabiliser, the WR uses its powerful milling and mixing rotor to mix pre-spread binders, such as lime or cement, into the existing, insufficiently stable soil at working depths of up to 560 mm to convert it into a construction material of high quality in an in-situ process. The resulting homogeneous soil-binder mixture offers high tensile strength, compressive strength and shear strength values as well as long-term water resistance, frost resistance and volume stability. Typical applications include the construction of paths, roads, motorways, foundations, parking lots, sports grounds, industrial parks or facilities, airports, embankments, backfills or landfills.

Technical specifications


Working width max 2000 mm
Working depth 0-500 mm
Engine power 315 kW / 422 HP
Operating weight CE* 24.200 kg

*Machine in standard design, hal full water tank, half full fuel tank & driver (75kg) tools on-board

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