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Komatsu PC2000-11 Hydraulic Excavator

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Komatsu PC2000-11 Hydraulic Excavator
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Detail Produk Komatsu PC2000-11 Hydraulic Excavator

Powerful and Fuel Efficient

PC2000-11 is equipped with the new Komatsu  SAA12V140E-7 engine that features clean, fuel efficient  and powerful performance. The hydraulic system was  designed to be more efficient and in combination with an  on-demand power control system, fuel efficiency is  significantly improved. Production costs are reduced and  the PC2000-11 moves more material per unit of fuel.

PC2000-11 is a new generation of Powerful, Clean and  Economical machines.

Selectable Working Modes

The PC2000-11 features four different working modes to  cater machine performance to application demands and  working conditions. Working mode options of Power Plus  (P+), Power (P), and two Economy modes (E0 and E1) can  be selected using a shortcut button on the machine monitor.  With the selectable working modes, operators can ensure  that the machine is working to deliver the best combination  of productivity and fuel efficiency

High Productivity with Power Plus Mode

The introduction of the new Power Plus (P+) mode yields  productivity gains of 12%.


The PC2000-11 can load more trucks per shift. Increased engine power, a more efficient  hydraulic system, and new engine-pump control logic provide faster cycle times and  improved multifunction performance.

Productivity, Efficiency, and Multifunction Performance

  • Faster cycle times and  improved multifunction performance  NEW
  • Tier 4 Final emission-compliant engine with 1,046 net horsepower
  • Four selectable working modes to tailor machine performance to operating conditions
  • Power Plus (P+) mode increases productivity up to 12%
  • Redesigned hydraulic system monitors work equipment loads and optimizes hydraulic flow, based on operating conditions
  •  Swing priority valve makes sure swing speed is available when needed
  • Auto idle, auto-low idle, and auto engine shutdown reduce nonproductive idle time and reduces operating costs.

Reliability and Durability

  • Thicker, stronger boom plates and castings, highly resistant to bending and torsional stresses
  • Strengthened center frame and track frame
  • Larger diameter carrier rollers for extended service life
  • New sealing package on work equipment cylinders to withstand the most abrasive applications
  •  Power module makes installation and removal of components easier, and reduces overhaul hours and cost.

Accessibility and Operator Comfort

  • Operator’s cab OPG level 2 (ISO 10262)
  • Hydraulically operated stairway with 45° access
  • Secondary engine stop switches located at ground level, along walkway, and in cabin
  • Air-suspension seat, heated, with console-mounted arm rests
  • Two automatic, large capacity air conditioning units
  • Extremely quiet, air pressurized cab, with a dynamic noise of 64.1 dB(A)

Information, Communication, and Technology

  • 7-inch, advanced, machine monitoring system with onboard diagnostics, no laptop required
  • KomVision, bird’s-eye view, 7-camera system with dedicated 10-inch display
  • Operator Identification System records KOMTRAX® machine operation and application data for up to 100 individual codes
  •  KOMTRAX Plus®, for immediate diagnostics of machine health and performance
  • Wireless LAN communication, for near real-time transmission of machine data
  • Fleet Management via KOMTRAX® Plus and/or available integration with 3rd party telematics systems

Download detail specification here

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